Teddy Bears' Garden

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Our Garden Gate

Garden Gals Garden Tea Party
Left to Right: Lady, Tine, Dee, and Valentine.

We are the Garden Gals. We have so much to teach and so much to learn that we've decided to start our beary own Web Garden. Please have patience as we create this Cybergarden, since it is gardening season. To understand our links better, check out the bottom of each page. We hope you enjoy our garden as much as we do. Please let us know what you think by bmailing us. Thank you!


The original Garden Gal is our Mommy, (Tine and Dee's Grandma) but she wasn't a good gardener until we were born. Even with us, she has problems growing many things! Thankfully, being stuffed animals (Stuffies), we exude gnome-gardening magic (that which makes plants grow.) Without us, Mommy grew mostly weeds, and often killed them accidentally, too. (If a weed is doing no harm, we won't kill them.)  When her brother gave her five amaryllis bulbs for Christmas, one year, the only thing that grew from the specially prepared kit was a weed!

In the Spring of 2004, we watched her sow tomato seeds, and saw them all die right after they sprouted. That's when we told her about our gnome-gardening magic abilities and s’plained that she would only grow plants, if she followed our directions. Like us, she really loves growing plants, so she follows our directions, and together, we’ve developed quite a nice garden. 

In this Cybergarden, we will show how our garden has progressed, give tips on how to do many garden related tasks and ideas for tackling pest problems, teach garden related crafts, show the bouquets we've made and the produce we've gathered, and, of course, play in the garden. Also, because we can never know enough, we will add links to places we go to learn more.

Now, our Garden Guys are Internet Savvy, not us, so, please, feel free to bmail us with anything you'd like to see, any questions, or even any answers to our questions! We always like to know we have visitors enjoying our garden! So, go on! Go look at our different pages!

The other Garden Gal -
our Mommy or Grandma, Lynn!

Our Family

Gardening is our hobby. Our family is our life! Behind the Garden Gals are the Garden Guys, although they don’t garden as a hobby. We’re beary fortunate though – they do help do heavy lifting, construct four-tier planters or the trellis, and grill hotdogs for everyone in our garden. It just doesn’t get any better then this!

Our extended family.

From left to right: Axlerod (the basset hound -- father to Lady), Dee (the stuffed doggy in the purple dress holding her Dolly -- Lady and Spaulding's daughter), Lady (the cocker spaniel -- Spaulding's wife and mother to Dee and Ding), Spaulding (the tall Teddy in the back -- brother to Teddy, husband to Lady, father to Dee and Ding), Ding (Teddy Bear in the bottom middle -- holding onto his Action Figure, GI Tee), Pez (tiny Teddy Bear Pez Dispenser with straw hat just to the right and behind Ding -- family pet, but particularly fond of Axlerod), Tine (polar bear wearing light green jumper next to Ding -- daughter of Teddy and Valentine), Teddy (big Teddy Bear next to Spaulding in the back -- brother to Spaulding, husband to Valentine, and father to Tine and Tee), Valentine (petite bunny rabbit next to Teddy, her husband -- mother to Tee and Tine) and Tee (black kitty cat to the right -- brother to Tine and cousin to Dee and Ding.)

Menu Details

We know why we chose each title for each section of our garden, but we also know that doesn’t mean visitors will understand. We also know that it’s not fun to keep scrolling up and down. This is to s’plain what each theme is and to give our visitors the option to click to another section from the bottom or top of each area.



Our Garden Gate

Our Home Page. – Entry into our beary special garden.

Our Garden Path

The path we’ve taken to create our garden. How our garden plans are progressing through the years.

Our Garden Gems

Gardens are multifaceted, like gems. Glimpses of what makes our garden so special to us.

Our Young Buds

Gardens need children. Our kids, our Young Buddies, teach us how to make gardens with and for them.

Our Potting Bench

Where we work – transplanting, creating homemade terrariums to grow new plants, and experimenting with growing from produce, Learning doesn’t have to mean success!

Our Basket

Where we gather ideas for gardens – money saving ideas, our Dos and Don’ts, Checklist for Buying New Plants, taking care of tomatoes, and other assorted information we’ve learned.

Our Harvest

We garden to grow produce, herbs, flowers, and pretty plants. We want to show the results and how we use our harvest in recipes.

Our Hitching Post

"Hitch your wagon to a star." We dream big! This is how we get some of our inspiration.

Our Shelter

Gardens need to be safe shelters for plants, families, birds, and good bugs, like butterflies and ladybugs, and scary for pests and diseases. This is what we do to protect.

Our Birdbath

Since gardens have birdbaths, not water coolers, we gather here to ask and answer questions, have polls, give links, and find out if visitors want us to include a gardening forum for kids. We sure hope so!

Teddy Bears’ Web Den

Our garden is really in the backyard of the T. Bears’ Web Den. Click this link to go to our other web site.